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Communications Strategy in short, is a process by which we look at what your goals are and how your content is helping you reach your goals. We like to peel all the layers away and find the core messages that our clients are wanting to communicate and then build strategies and systems that will support and achieve those desired outcomes.

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When you hear the term ‘Content is King’ it’s important to remember that less of the right content is always better than too much of the wrong content. At Rocket Crayon we pride ourselves in working with our clients to create content which best suits their desired outcome.

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When it comes to managing online content and how it achieves your desired viewer engagement, it’s important to remember that all content needs to be consistently communicating your core message. This is when having content management systems in place and having dedicated content partners plays an important role.

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Andrew Hill
  • The tools and extensive knowledge base that Rocket Crayon offers is really critical to most athletes in this modern era. I’ve been really fortunate to have the guys at Rocket Crayon join my support team and provide the necessary services to get my name out there as a credible professional athlete. Their knowledge of the media game is extensive and they’ve helped me take my footprint as an athlete to the next level.

    Andrew Hill |
    Andrew Hill
    Professional Athlete | South Africa