Jon Armstrong has two main passions in life, digital media and sports. He has over 16 years’ experience in media and design and has started a number of startup initiatives. In 2003 he started a community project called PLUGMEIN which focused on outdoor activities with the goal of creating community with like-minded people. In 2010 he started working on what is now Peckham Cycle Club with the goal to facilitate cycling events to help the local Peckham community engage in healthy active lifestyles. After 5 years in the charity sector, Jon decided he wanted to explore the two passions more closely and thus Rocket Crayon was launched. Jon continues to consult for large and small charities along with numerous broadcast organisations, developing content acquisition and media management workflow strategies.

Worked on projects for: Virgin Group, Barclays Bank, BP, British Telecom, Burberry, Cable & Wireless, Cisco Systems, EOY, GSK, HSBC, Nokia, Oracle, RBS, Coca-cola, Guinness along with large charity organisation such as Newfrontiers, Newday Event, TBN UK, TBN in Africa, TBN Europe.